Disinformation. Misinformation. Dumb Memes.

There’s a lot of bulls**t out there, Canada.


of Canadians have fallen for fake news at least once.

Rumours spread


faster than the truth online.



of us regularly try to confirm if the news we see is real.

Verifying the truth only takes a second. Here are a few simple ways to put your inner skeptic to work.

Most people don’t have time to check all the facts. But these folks do.

When in doubt,
speak out.

Verify the facts, then challenge the false claims you hear using what you found (in that order).

Focus on the information, not the person who shared it (remember, they may not have known it was wrong).

Explain the tools and techniques you used.

No matter how difficult it may be, keep it courteous.

Watch how it’s done.

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Doubt It? with Supriya Dwivedi


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Good, unbiased journalism is one of the truth’s best allies. Learn who (and what) makes good news.