As Journalism Goes, So Goes Democracy.

When we’re not informed, we’re vulnerable. Whether from governments, computer algorithms or misguided in-laws, ignorance can be a green light for manipulation. Good journalism relies on a shared set of standards to deliver the truth. But we can all put them to work.

  1. Does the story include multiple reliable sources?

  2. Have the facts been sourced and verified?

  3. Are there secondary sources? Have statistics been cited and if so, from where?

  4. Does the story go beyond the news event to include history or context?

  5. Is neutral language used to describe the people and issues?

Burst your bubbles.

Real people were once the gatekeepers of the news. Now computers do that job. Social media algorithms are designed to feed us content we agree with, so we never see the full picture.

Take the time to get outside your echo chamber. Just because you might agree with it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t doubt it.


Test your skepticism and see how your gut holds up in our fake news quiz.